Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The rock comes to save an unexpected agent, Miley Cyrus . The unmistakable opening chords of Boys Don’t Cry, The Cure classic, sound. Five scowling guys (some with masks) poke their instruments on the small stage of the Los Angeles club Whiskey a Go Go.

When the song is running free, Miley Cyrus appears, wearing knee-high boots, a black fur coat and a hat that she will take off in the middle of the song to show off her blonde hair. She grabs the microphone and begins to sing tightly tied to the microphone pole. Robert Smith’s piece never sounded so rocky.

Later the singer will attack Zombie , from Cranberries, where a possessed Cyrus will end up kneeling, screaming. Her three guitarists (three!) Looked at her askance, probably surprised by the impetuous performance. It happened last October, at a concert to help independent clubs in the United States, terribly affected by the health crisis caused by COVID.

Between the last months of last year and the first of 2021, the singer has underpinned an image of a rocker that, far from seeming imposing, breathes truth. His next step is an entire album of Metallica covers.

Probably there is no musician as famous and, at the same time, as free today as Miley Cyrus. She does whatever she wants and sings anything. Her latest album, the guitar maker Plastic Hearts , released at the end of 2020 and featuring Dua Lipa, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), took her to the cover of the US edition of Rolling Stone.

In the main image the singer appears with an impossible badass gesture where she raises the left side of her lip (only the left). Maybe Iggy Pop tried the same thing in the seventies, but it didn’t work. In that photo she appears naked from the waist up and covers her chest with her hands. Already, inside, the hands have disappeared. And stick out your tongue, of course. The headline is as follows: “Miley. Rock and roll heart ”.

Cyrus’s tough profile is so established today that it’s hard to place her in that adorable and mischievous child character from Hannah Montana, the hit series she shot for Disney. Its transformation was discovered in Spain in a concert at Rock in Rio Madrid in 2010 .

The cowgirl girl of the series was expected and appeared dressed in a black bodice and imitating poses of Robert Plant in the seventies while filling the giant esplanade with decibels. Some parents lowered their little ones off their shoulders and left the enclosure outraged. On that tour, that of his album Can’t Be Tamed, he had already invoiced versions of I Love Rock and Roll, by Joan Jett, or Smells Like Teen Spirit , by Nirvana. He was beginning to show the way.

Cyrus (Tennessee, United States, 28 years old) has been a public figure since he was 11. It was predestined to break. But she didn’t want to become another Britney Spears; he was about to be, and he managed to outwit that ghost.

In the interview that accompanies his sassy photos on Rolling Stone (taken in December 2020), Cyrus opens up: “At one point, I thought, ‘I have to get all my shit under control before I turn 27, because that’s when you cross the threshold to live or die as a legend. ‘

I didn’t want to stop turning 28, I didn’t want to join the 27-year-old club. So when I turned 26 I decided to drop everything, become a sober person. ” He later reveals that he has returned to drinking … moderately.

From that toxic time a serious vocal tone has remained, as if smoking three packets a day. A voice that he displayed at the tribute to Chris Cornell (the singer of Soundgarden), in January 2019.

There, surrounded by the aristocracy of grunge and heavy (Melvins, Foo Fighters, Stone Gossard, Metallica …), Cyrus did not marry nor showgirl. But he took the stage amid the warmth of the audience (whistles were heard, as can be seen in the video), said something where he inserted a “fucking” (“fuck”) and faced Say Hello 2 Heaven , from the grunge supergroupthat Cornell put together in the nineties, Temple of The Dog.

Those who greeted her with the crooked gesture ended up clapping furiously. The next day, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich posted this text on his networks: “I’m still impressed by the version of Say Hello 2 Heaven he did for Chris. It was beyond inspiring. ”

Recently, Foo Fighters boss Dave Grohl also complimented the singer: “I think she’s the new Joan Jett. He has successfully introduced guitars to his music. She is a gigantic pop artist ”.

And to also remember that image that she left, in the 2019 edition of Primavera Sound, dressed in leather, leaning on some gigantic amplifiers while her guitarist drew sparks from his instrument in the final concert number, Wrecking Ball. An image that he surely copied from the cover of the distorting ARC, by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

His last appearance was in the Super Bowl, eclipsing a stunned The Weeknd with an explosive pregame concert. He said at the beginning of the recital: “Let’s rock.” So it was. He even performed a cover of Nine Inch Nails, Head Like a Hole.

Miley Cyrus has confessed that she has taken drugs, that she is bisexual, has rescued characters like Billy Idol or Joan Jett from oblivion, has had a brief marriage in the Mötley Crüe (only eight months, with actor Liam Hemsworth) and has shown that In these volatile pop times you can turn your career upside down. And although there is something solid behind it, a well-filmed spit and a leather jacket help. Isn’t that how punk Malcolm McLaren was invented ?

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