Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

We can take some air in the Neuron case . The National Police has sent a report to the investigating judge where, after analyzing a good part of the 1,400 files that the party presented as proof that the Mexican consultancy Neurona carried out the work for which it was hired, it concludes that “most” of them were created between March and April 2019, a period that coincides with the weeks prior to the celebration of the general elections of 28-A. The agents also add that a “high number” of documents – both videos and images – were made with cameras configured with time zones in America.

These two conclusions, reflected in a report of the Central Cybercrime Brigade dated this February 23 and to which EL PAÍS has had access, reinforce the thesis of the formation of the left, imputed in the case as a legal entity, as well as several members of its dome .

Faced with the belief of the investigating judge Juan José Escalonilla, who considers that Neurona never performed the jobs for which he was paid 363,000 euros, the party led by Pablo Iglesias defends that the consultant did carry out those tasks and that, for this, several employees of the Latin American company traveled to Spain.

As reflected in the police report after studying the microdata of more than a thousand of the files provided, a large part of them were created with “time zones that correspond to the times of the American continent.” “They are always associated with certain cameras: a Canon EOS 5D Mark III for the -07: 00 time zone and a NIKON D600 camera for the -05: 00 zone”, he emphasizes.

The Brigade document also lists the names of various users who created or modified those documents. The one that is repeated the most is that of Alejandro N., who appears 68 times in images and 5 times in videos.

Sources of Podemos identify him as a Neuron worker. There is also Waldemar AB in 38 images and 31 documents, who has a profile on the Linkedin social network where he identifies himself as “graphic and creative designer at Neurona”.

Another name that is repeated up to 28 times in video files is “javiivanyez”, a member of Podemos who finished and applied the final style filter to those recordings, according to party sources. “Patricia PS” also appears 19 times in documents and, according to the same sources, was the liaison between the training demo team and the consultant.

This Police report comes after a difficult week for the match. Escalonilla has decided to charge Juan Carlos Monedero , co-founder of the party, for collecting from Neurona a total of 26,200 euros, which, according to his thesis, was a consideration in exchange for the company being hired later for the April 2019 elections. , the Provincial Court has ordered the magistrate to reopen the line of investigationon the alleged diversion of money from the solidarity fund, a fund to which public officials donate part of their salary for social purposes and which the opposition classified as “box b” – this part had been archived in November after finding no evidence of crime-.

And the Prosecutor’s Office has agreed to open a separate line of investigation on the alleged use as a nanny of an advisor to Irene Montero, current Minister of Equality and a couple of churches.

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