Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

“I do not know where the world we brought our children to is going, and that is very scary,” the journalist wrote on his Instagram. “You are astonished by the inaction, the incompetence, and the recklessness of those who would have to do something now,” he reflected. The detail of David Cantero with Isabel Jiménez in his farewell to ‘Informativos Telecinco’.

As if the pandemic were not enough , the shortage of vaccines and other unpleasant events that flood the news, the demonstrations after the imprisonment of Pablo Hasel star in recent news with information on the damage that is being caused. This can be exhausting and scary for viewers, but journalists inevitably feel the same way.

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The news anchors , as concerned citizens but also as transmitters of news, are also affected by these events , and David Cantero, from Informativos Telecinco , has made it known on his Instagram account.

The Mediaset journalist has confessed that, lately, he feels “on the brink of shipwreck” when “contemplating the behavior of a significant part of this insane and failed society that was going to water”.

“Few times in my already long career have I felt so dejected at the present, so I can imagine the boredom that viewers feel ,” he wrote in a post this Monday . “Do not be discouraged, better times will come, it always happens … But after a long year of pandemic, disease, misery and death, it is hard and inconceivable to have to contemplate again the barbarism, madness and violence in the streets “.

Cantero questioned the reason for these events, whether it was “an absurd fondness for brutality , chaos, anarchy and evil”, or ” to commit crimes with such insubstantial and unsustainable pretexts that it is hard to believe.” “Something has changed for the worse in humans, something has irreparably exploded in us, something irreparable that devalues ​​us and degrades us as a species, even more …”, he reflected.

The presenter of the noon newscast described the current situation as “nonsense”, especially when it is seen “that no one seems capable of solving anything ” and it produces despair to see ” the incompetence and the impatience of those who would have to do something now , that they should do anything extremely urgently. ”

Even so, he stressed that ” it should not be generalized ” and it can be “hoped that the vast silent majority” will be able to “silence all that shouting.” “We do not lack freedom of expression, what is really lacking is common sense , education, culture, good sense, decency, sensitivity, respect, responsibility, dignity, humility and coherence … “wrote David Cantero. ” I don’t know where the world we brought our children to is going , and that’s very scary …”.

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