Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The surprise experienced last week in the Congress of Deputies, when Vox’s abstention allowed the Government to carry out the plan to execute the multimillion-dollar European fund , has continued this Wednesday morning in the first control session of the Executive of the new year.

President Pedro Sánchez has made the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, ugly that his group voted against that plan , in a more belligerent attitude even than that of Vox, and has blurted out: “Even Mr. Abascal gives him lessons of responsibility and sense of state ”.

Casado has opened the session with the usual broadside, in which he has described Sánchez from “trilero” to “jinx” that “destroys everything he touches.” He has given as an example that to carry out the European funds plan “he had to resort to the Eurosceptics of Bildu and Vox, yes, at the price of stopping calling them the extreme right”.

And he has stated: “Stop setting fire to everything to hide your negligence.” Sánchez has replied: “You start the year with the same bad shadow that you project since you have led the PP.”

Next, the president has reproached that Vox has had a more collaborative attitude with the Government in the management of European aid, decisive for the economic recovery. “Make once a useful and different opposition,” he urged.

Subsequently, Sánchez has used a more condescending tone with the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, who, despite reproaching him for sowing “polarization” and “lies”, has ended up recognizing that he has “flashes of responsibility and a sense of State ”that the president does not appreciate in the PP.

Several popular spokesmen have concluded in subsequent interventions that the far-right party is “the new partner of the Frankenstein government.” Casado has come to compare Sánchez with the robbers of the United States Capitol and has joked: “Any day we see him with bison horns” [in reference to Jake Angel or the shaman of QAnon , one of the faces of the altercations of the past January 6].

The president of the PP has also denounced that the Executive, in the documentation sent to Congress on the European aid plan, “started” the report of the Council of State that, according to him, was critical of the Socialist Cabinet.

Sánchez has avoided answering the accusation, as neither have vice presidents Carmen Calvo and Pablo Iglesias, questioned directly by other PP deputies about what they have called “mutilation.” Calvo then explained to journalists that a report from the Council of State is never incorporated into the processing of a royal decree within the documentation that is sent to Congress.

In this case, it is a non-binding report and the vice president assures that, therefore, the Government has incorporated some recommendations that it deemed appropriate and others not.

However, the Executive refuses to make the report public for the time being, although it assures that it will do so later. “When we consider,” he said. The vice president did not want to clarify if the document is as devastating as the popular ones say, but maintains that there are other very positive ones on the same issue, especially from the European Commission.

In any case, Calvo defends that it is normal for there to be reports with critical observations and believes that the PP is exaggerating this issue to attack the Government.

Citizens’ spokesman, Edmundo Bal, who requested the report on Monday through an official petition in the Congress registry, maintains that the text is 96 pages long and “is devastating”, although he knows it from indirect sources, since he does not still has the text.

The control session has also once again confronted the Government with ERC, despite the fact that on Tuesday the Executive’s partners agreed to support a proposal by the Catalan Republicans to reactivate the Dialogue Table with the Generalitat after the 14-F elections.

Esquerra’s spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, has asked the president why he has allowed Salvador Illa from the Ministry of Health to leave “in the worst of the third wave of the worst pandemic” and has accused him: “They care more about votes than contagion ”.

Sánchez has replied criticizing that the independentistas “continue proposing the same as in the last ten years” and has concluded: “Mr. Illa is not going on vacation to Catalonia. He is going to face the greatest social, economic and health emergency ”.

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