Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

A great day for sports in the Netherlands, and a heart attack outcome. The amazing 21-year-old Jorden Van Foreest, the eldest son of a family marked by chess, whose victory was paid 100 to 1 two weeks ago, has won the Tata tournament, the most prestigious on the calendar, in Wijk aan Zee, after defeating his compatriot Anish Giri in an electrifying sudden death.

Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, 6th, signs one of the biggest failures of his career while Iranian Alireza Firouzja, 17 years old, 3rd-5th, confirms his enormous potential.

“Going above 2,700 [Elo points] was my big medium-term goal. I have achieved it in a single tournament, going up 30 hit points. And I have also won what many call the Wimbledon or Roland Garros of chess. I still can’t believe it, because until two days ago I didn’t even dream about it. It’s my life’s dream come true, ”said Jorden Van Foreest a few minutes after his very unexpected win.

Asked by EL PAÍS, he defined himself as a player and as a person: “My style tends to be wild, fast, somewhat messy. And that has a lot to do with my temperament; I am very careless, sometimes too relaxed, I like to do everything very quickly, I rush everywhere ”.

Jorden is the eldest of five siblings, the sons of a senior manager from the University of Groningen and a doctor and computer programmer. One of them, Lucas, 19, is also a great teacher. And Machteld, 13, has been the under 10 and under 12 Netherlands champion. Her great-great-grandfather Arnold and another distant ancestor, Dirk, were three-time overall national champions.

The long, happiest day of his life started very well for Jorden because he was able to place a laboratory novelty in front of the Swede Nils Grandelius, who gave him a promising position. From there, all the credit was his until he signed, probably, the most brilliant victory of his career.

All this could have been even more complete, because Giri in the meantime was giving serious signs, in front of David Antón, of being seriously affected by his marathon tie with Firouzja yesterday after having the game won.

In fact, the Spaniard achieved a dominant position, but then temporized instead of going vigorously for the leader, who ended up getting loose and snatched an essential half point after six hours of punishment. Antón made this balance.

“Three defeats and ten draws is not what I expected, it is a bit frustrating; but I have had good positions against the favorites of the tournament, my tables include Carlsen, Caruana and Giri, and I am satisfied that this is a good sign for the near future ”.

On the other hand, while the American Fabiano Caruana, 2nd in the world, could not defeat the Norwegian Aryan Tari with black, Firouzja had a huge advantage for a long time against the Polish Radoslaw Wojtaszek.

A win would have put him in the quick tiebreaker with Van Foreest if Giri had lost, and also in the top ten in the world at 17. But Giri did not lose, Firouzja did not win – he was imprecise in the sixth hour of the game – and he will come out on the next list as 13th in the world, in a very similar trajectory to Carlsen at the same age.

The quick tiebreaker was tremendous. After two draws in the lightning modality, sudden death was reached : five minutes for Giri with white, forced to win, and four for Van Foreest, who achieved a position fully won and with more time. But suddenly he made a huge mistake and was lost. However, Giri barely had a few seconds left, made a very serious mistake and gave up.

The eighty-third edition of Wijk aan Zee, held for the first time without an audience, will also be historic for Carlsen’s failure, in one of the worst performances of his career, although his sixth place would be a good or normal result for almost everyone else. elite players: an unappealable defeat, against the 17-year-old Russian Andrei Yesipenko, nine draws and three victories (Firouzja, Grandelius and Vachier-Lagrave).

While making abundant gestures of displeasure and pain, he managed to say: “My performance is shameful. I felt good when I arrived after my holidays, and even better after beating Firouzja in the first round. But then I started making one mistake after another, day after day and day after day. Fortunately, I have won two of the last five, and that gives me a bit of comfort to keep working. It is my only consolation ”.

Results (13th and last round): Carlsen 1 – Vachier Lagrave 0; Firouzja – Wojtaszek, tables; Anton – Giri, tables; Tari – Caruana, tables; Van Foreest 1 – Grandelius 0; Donchenko 0 – Yesipenko 1; Doubt – Harikrishna, tables.

Final classification: 1st-2nd Van Foreest and Giri 8.5 points, 3rd-5th Yesipenko, Caruana and Firouzja 8; 6 ° C Carlsen 7.5; 7th Harikrishna 6.5; 8th-9th Tari and Grandelius 6, 10 Doubt 5.5; 11-13 Antón, Wojtaszek and Vachier-Lagrave 5, 14th Donchenko 3.5.

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