Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The ‘super button’ of the Cupra el-Born to accelerate and overtake. The electric will have a specific tuning of the suspension, brakes and steering to be more sporty than the Volkswagen ID.3.

One touch will be enough to have power on demand, for example for overtaking. It will be one of the differentiating elements of the Cupra el-Born, which was originally presented as a Seat model , but which finally sees the light as a new model of the subsidiary brand. And that made it necessary to give it the characteristic sporty character of the firm.

Although its technical section is identical to that of its brother Volkswagen ID.3 – which will have a 77 kWh battery, 500 kilometers of autonomy and an acceleration from 0 to 50 km / h in 2.9 seconds -, it will have specific details that will make of him a more dynamic car.

The first will be a button that will allow the Cupra el-Born to accelerate faster just by touching it. As the CEO of the brand, Wayne Griffiths, told Top Gear : “I would say we can call it momentum, you can have power on demand. You have pure acceleration and, when you need it, a button to go forward and go faster ”.

But it will not be the only difference, since other components will have a specific tuning. The sports suspension, steering and brakes are different from the ID.3, and also Cupra further develop potent model versions.

“ Cupra’s vision is to make cars capable of generating emotions together. Not only in performance, but also in exterior design, colors, upholstery and stitching, steering wheel.

It is about offering a 360-degree experience, because sportiness has extremes : from the circuit to the street. But always with coherence, that you can live those emotions with 150 CV ”, explained to EL PAÍS in an interview the director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations of Cupra, Antonino Labate.

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