Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The Myanmar military has detained the country’s Prime Minister, Aung San Suu Kyi, the president, Win Myint, and leaders of his party, the NLD (National League for Democracy) on Monday. This coup comes after the elections of November 8 and leads the country to the situation of military dictatorship that it lived between 1962 and 2011.

There is a video that shows the arrival of the military to the People’s Assembly, the country’s parliament. The surprising thing is that it is a gymnastics video: Khing Hnin Wai was recording her aerobics routine and, after a minute and a half, you can see how several SUVs and armed vehicles advance behind her without the monitor appearing to notice.

A woman did her aerobics class without realizing that the coup was taking place in Myanmar. And then it can be seen how the military convoy arrives at the parliament. pic.twitter.com/fmFUzhawRe

Wai introduces herself on her Facebook account as a physical education teacher. In a post that followed this video, he not only explained that the recording was real, but that in recent months he has recorded other similar scenes on the same site (although without a coup behind, of course). He also explains that he did not do it either as a joke or to achieve his minute of glory.

The scene posted on Twitter, where it was shared thousands of times , and immediately starred in memes. For example, on Reddit they placed the teacher dancing on the Capitol during the assault by extremists on January 6. Also with the fall of the Soviet Union in the background and a visit to North Korea .

As a meme, it is reminiscent of some classics, such as the “9/11 tourist”: a photo of a tourist on the roof of the twin towers who had a plane placed just behind . There were more variations: on the Titanic, with the Hinderberg, while the White House exploded on Independence Day … Of course in this case the original was a montage.

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