Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Autoliv, Inc. (NYSE:ALV) shares saw unusual volume mid-trading session on Friday. While the stock price moved along with the volume change, shares closed at $90.44. The day’s total volume of 1,163,480 yesterday is in contrast from the three-month daily average of 383.57K. When we divide the current volume by the three-month average volume, we get a relative volume of 3.03.

Trading volume is a hugely important consideration for any investor. By watching how many shares are trading hands and looking for any changes in that activity, trading opportunities can be spotted along with a deeper understanding of the reliability of other indicators on the stock. A significant increase in trading volume means that more than double the average amount of stocks are moving. When volume is decreased significantly, it may indicate there is an issue that shareholders should watch out for. It’s also important to take into consideration how long the unusual volume sustains for. If it’s only the one trading day, it can be dismissed as an anomaly.

Looking Back

Autoliv, Inc. (NYSE:ALV)’s market cap, the total dollar value of all of their outstanding shares, is 7718.15m. Including today’s unusual volume, Autoliv, Inc.’s stock is performing at -1.80% on the year. For the week, the stock is performing -5.83%. Over the past month the firm’s stock is -11.77%, -7.31% for the last quarter, -0.36% for the past six-months and 32.86% for the last year.

Current levels places Autoliv, Inc. (NYSE:ALV)’s stock about -16.84% from the 50-day high and -2.14% away from the 50-day low. The technicals indicate this is a Strong Sell.

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