Tue. Oct 4th, 2022
Aehr Systems

Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ:AEHR) shares saw highly elevated levels of volatility in Friday’s session. After a recent check, shares have been spotted at $3.40 showing a change in the session of 21.00% to close out the week.

Investors are often dealing with the decision of whether to sell a stock that has been a solid performer or hold on to it for more profit. This can be almost as trying as deciding when to buy a certain stock. Once investors have latched on to a certain stock, they may find it hard to let go. On the flip side, investors may also have to deal with cutting ties with a losing stock. With both scenarios, it may be important for investors to try to keep emotion out of the decision making process. Investors may feel that giving up on a losing stock can be admitting that a mistake was made. No matter what the circumstance, not letting go of a losing stock may lead to poor portfolio performance in the long run. Constantly keeping a close watching on fundamental and technical data can provide important information needed to stay afloat in the equity markets.

Moving Averages and ATR

After a recent spot-check, Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ:AEHR)’s ATR is 0.24. The Average True Range (ATR) is a measure of stock volatility. The Average True Range is an exponential moving average (14-days) of the True Range. The range of a day’s trading is high-low, and True Range expands into yesterday’s close when it lands outside of today’s range.

Taking a closer look into the volatility on shares of Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ:AEHR), we notice that the stock is 28.30% off of the 20-Day Simple Moving Average. Zooming out to the 50-Day Simple Moving Average, we can see a difference of 37.09% from current stock levels.

Going out even further, the 200-Day Simple Moving Average is recorded 52.83% away from the current share price. Company shares were recently noted 10.03% off of the 50-day high and 75.26% away from the 50-day low. Let’s also take a quick peek at the 52 week highs/lows. At present, the stock is -5.56% separated from the 52 week high and 195.65% from the low.

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