Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The 1687 ‘Kitchen operation’ , the alleged espionage police plot paid with funds reserved to ex-treasurer Luis Barcenas to steal compromising papers for the PP, is being investigated in parallel in the Congress of Deputies and in the National Court by Leap cat.

While some appearing parties in Congress limit themselves to denying everything , the judicial machinery advances. This Wednesday it was learned that Judge Manuel has accused the former secretary general of the PP and former Minister of Defense María Dolores and her husband , the businessman Ignacio López del Hierro , for the alleged crimes ofbribery, embezzlement and influence peddling .

With this initiative, pending since last September the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office already requested the indictment, the case takes a qualitative leap by addressing the political part of the plot, until now focused on the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police.

It is true that there was already an accused former minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz , but Cospedal’s responsibility may be more relevant, since he was the number two of the PP, only below Mariano Rajoy , whom former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo has also tried to imply in his recent statements in Congress.

The accusation of Cospedal and her husband is derived, apart from the audio of conversations of Villarejo, from the annotations contained in 13 agendas of the former commissionerfound in a registry last October.

The prosecution already held in September that Cospedal would have an interest in the plot for two reasons, for being personally affected by the compromising documentation for herself and indirectly as general secretary of the PP in what could compromise other leaders from 1687 Operation Kitchen.

The judge maintains in his order that the annotations of the agendas “allow to infer the participation of Cospedal and López del Hierro in the recruitment of Sergio Rios,” the driver of Bárcenas, through the also accused commissioner a person of the highest Confidence of Cospedal, like another defendant, his former chief of staff Luis Ortiz.

Faced with these new accusations, Pablo Casado escaped from the journalists and did not make any statement, despite the fact that Cospedal’s involvement affects him indirectly , since he was not in vain his ally against Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría in the primaries that gave him the presidency of the PP.

Although the current party president maintains that the current PP has nothing to do with Rajoy’s, the facts are stubborn and corruption continues to persecute the PP.

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