Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

I do not want to detract from the interview with 62nd Monegal Critique that Llambrich has obtained with Major Josep Lluís Trapero. It would be mean on my part. Like all good policemen, Trapero speaks little in front of the gallery. He is not fond of making television positions, which says a lot in his favor.

Having managed to now sit in front of the cameras to answer questions, after four years of prudent and absolute silence, has unquestionable journalistic relevance.

Surely the star moment of the meeting was when Fàtima asked him by 62nd Monegal Critique “If the ‘president’ calls you and tells you that he intends to hold a non-agreed referendum again, what position would you adopt?” And the star response has been.

Next to the law. If it were an illegal referendum, it would be the judiciary, the prosecution, which would give us instructions. As an impact blow it has been very interesting. Like another who asked him later, on 1-O: “Would anything have changed about the device?”, And his answer: “They were not decisions that I made personally.”

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We were a work team ». Ah! These are timely questions, but I think we cannot get to the depth of the content without asking other questions. Fundamentally.

Who was in command, at the head, of the 1-O police operation? That was not clear even at the trial. When the police machine starts up there is always a single command that gives the appropriate orders. And you don’t have to be a great expert in policing to define that day as an absolute police disaster.

Total incompetence in the interception of the ballot boxes arrival at the schools late and badly, when the citizenship was already inside; beatings and intolerable charges against the civilian population.

Who was ultimately responsible for the design of this operation? Regardless of the political ideas of each one, regardless of what we can personally say about whether the police should or should not intervene on October 1, the fact is that they intervened.

And being in front of an excellent police chief, I think these questions about that police action would have been timely. Another thing is that the images of such a disastrous operational action have served as an excellent international passport. That is another question, which should be transferred to politicians, including our union, said with reservations, of journalism.

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