Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Montserrat Vilella 32 is the new general director of Personal Autonomy and Disability of the Generalitat. She was appointed on June 8 by the new Minister of Drets Socials, Violant Cervera and is responsible for managing the dependency system in Catalonia: from nursing homes and day centers for the elderly to residences for people with pathologies of mental health and disability.

Vilella owns 234 nominal shares of Institut Pere Mata and 3,414 more of Agrupació de Serveis Sanitaris i Assistencials SAwhich he plans to get rid of later this week. Both are companies that manage a dozen nursing homes and day centers with public places and more than 300 places in seven residences for people with disabilities, among other services.

Born in Reus in 1966, Montserrat Vilella y Cuadrada is a clinical psychologist who has worked in Child and Adolescent Care Teams in the Baix Penedès region and has directed a residence for people with intellectual disabilities in the Generalitat managed by Grupo Pere Bush.

She was a member of the now defunct Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya and served as councilor for Social Welfare of the Reus City Council in three legislatures since 2011. She was also a deputy in Parliament in 2015 with the JuntsxSí list.

From Vilella’s professional experience, as stated in her curriculum, the passage through the Institut Pere Mata stands out. And in fact it is one of the companies of which it has 234 nominal shares.

159 date from 1994 and 75 from 2022 But Vilella has more than 3,000 shares in another company, Agrupació de Serveis Sanitaris i Assistencials SA , also since 1994.

From this The entity depends on some companies of the Institut Pere Mata, such as Pere Mata Social SA, VillaBlanca Serveis Assistencials SA, Villablanca Social SA, but also a nursing home in Avinyó (Bages).

The Pere Mata group is a large corporate body made up of various entities and foundations that, in turn, manage public services in consortium with the ‘conselleries’ de Salut and Drets Socials.

As explained on its website, the group manages eight public residences and day centers for the elderly , two nursing homes whose places are also financed by Drets Socials, 366 places in public residences for people with intellectual disabilities , two residential homes for people with disabilities.

Intellectual disabilityand several occupational and therapeutic centers for people with disabilities. In addition, they also run specialized centers for mental health care in the public network, psychiatric and social health hospitals, dementia care services or the Home Care Service of three municipalities.

Sources of the Generalitat deny that Vilella breaches the regime of incompatibilities of the ‘Government’ by owning these shares. In its article four, the law says that senior government officials can have shares in companies that have concerts or public contracts as long as these shares do not exceed 10% of the total company.

These same sources affirm that the percentage of shares that correspond to Vilella is less than 10% in both cases, but they do not specify the percentage.

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