Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

A total of 1,464 students from 32 educational centers in Seville and the province will take the Baccalaureate Assessment Test for Access and Admission to the University from tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15, to Thursday, June 17 at the Pablo de Olavide University, some tests whose organization and celebration maintain the security and protection device for covid-19 deployed last year.

Of the 1,464 students who take the Test at the Pablo de Olavide University , 870 are women (59.42%). The majority, 1,228, come from Baccalaureate and 236 from Higher Level Training Cycles . The test is made up of an entrance phase and an admission phase , with the majority (1064) being the students who take both; 358 apply only to the admission phase and 42 have enrolled only in the access phase. Regarding the Baccalaureate modality, 50% have chosen Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences 46.5%; and 3.5% the Baccalaureate of Arts.

The students who will be examined at the UPO belong to the 32 centers in Sevilleand province: CDP Professional Schools of the Sagrada Familia (Seville), CDP San Fernando (Seville), IES Velázquez (Seville), IES Joaquín Turina (Seville), IES Ramón del Valle Inclán (Seville), CDP Albaydar (Seville), IES Beds (Beds), IES Juan de Mairena (Mairena del Aljarafe), IES Atenea (Mairena del Aljarafe), IES Carmen Laffón (La Rinconada), CDP Centro de Estudios Sanitarios Dr. Arduán (Seville), CDP Centro de Estudios Superiores Aljarafe ( Tomares), CDP CESUR CAFD (Seville), Colegio Salesianos de San Pedro (Seville), IES Miguel de Cervantes (Seville), Alberto Durero School (Seville), IES Ruiz Gijón (Utrera), IES Mateo Alemán (San Juan de Aznalfarache) , IES Severo Ochoa (San Juan de Aznalfarache), IES Rodrigo Caro (Coria del Río), IES Pepe Ruiz Vela (Villaverde del Río), IES Los Álamos (Bormujos), CDP Antonio de Solís (Seville),IES María Galiana (Dos Hermanas), IES Mariana Pineda (Dos Hermanas), CDP Las Artes (Seville), IES Chaves Nogales (Seville), CDP Ergos (Dos Hermanas), IES El Molinillo (Guillena), IES Palomares (Palomares del Río ), CDP St. Mary’s School (Seville), and IES Sotero Hernández (San Juan de Aznalfarache).

The students are summoned tomorrow, Tuesday June 15 at 8:00 am , half an hour before the first exam. The students will have a first break from 10:00 to 11:00. On Tuesday they will carry out three exercises belonging to the access part of the Test: Spanish Language and Literature II; History of Spain and, finally, Foreign Language.

Health protocol
The Pablo de Olavide University has disseminated a series of recommendations for the students that are reflected in posters distributed throughout the Campus, accessible through the social networks of this institution and on the Pablo de Olavide University website, where they can be consulted the distribution of centers by venues, calendar and all the information related to the tests.

The UPO maintains the special plan launched last year to adapt the PEvAU to the circumstances derived from the expansion of covid-19, providing spaces within the campus in order to guarantee the sanitary measures recommended by the authorities and providing of the personnel necessary for the surveillance and correction of exams, as well as for the cleaning and security of the spaces.

Regarding the classrooms, they will have adequate ventilation and will reduce their capacity to a third , with the distance between the students indicated by the health and safety protocols. As a general rule, hygienic masks will be mandatory for students, teachers, exam guards and center staff. Students will not be able to share material and must avoid crowds.

The location of the students in the classrooms will be recorded to facilitate epidemiological monitoring if there is any case.

To attend to any medical need, an emergency device will have been prepared so that in the event of an incident, those affected can be attended to.

There are 5 venues enabled to carry out the tests , located in large areas of the Campus such as building 45: Venue 1 . In it, 271 students who are presented to the access phase and 384 corresponding to the access and admission phase will be examined; the Library: Headquarters 2 -194 students (only access) / 225 (access and admission) – and Headquarters 3 -184 students (only access) / 195 (access and admission) -; buildings 11 and 14: Headquarters 4 -266 students (access only) / 394 (access and admission) -; and the Sports Pavilion ( Headquarters 5 -200 students (only access) / 269 (access and admission) – The floor of the latter has been covered with plates for their protection.

Each venue has a manager and a secretary and more than 100 teachers will participate in the entire process, of which 98 are correctors, to which must be added administration and services personnel who will work on the correct development of the test.

Structure of the Test
The Test consists of two phases: Access and Admission . The Access Phase, compulsory for students from the Baccalaureate, deals with the general subjects of the block of core subjects of the Baccalaureate, consisting of four exercises:

History of Spain, Spanish Language and Literature II, Foreign Language and a general core subject of the second year chosen by the student between Foundations of Art II, Latin II, Mathematics II and Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences. To pass the Test, it is necessary that the qualification is equal to or greater than 4 in this phase.

Second, the Admission Phase aims to assess knowledge and ability in specific disciplinary areas related to the studies to be pursued. This allows to improve the qualification obtained in the access phase. In this case, the student may take one to four subjects from the second year of Baccalaureate, although only the grade of two of them will be computed.

The composition of last year’s exams is maintained: there will only be one exam proposal per subject and a greater number of questions to choose from than previous years, when there were two options, A and B.

The grade for the University Access Phase will vary between 5 and 10 points , and is obtained by making a weighted average between the average grade of the Baccalaureate record and the qualification of the Access Phase exams. The average grade for the Baccalaureate is multiplied by 0.6 and the exam grade by 0.4. Added to the Admission grade, it may reach a maximum value of 14 points.

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