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A total of 47,807 Andalusian students from the Baccalaureate and Higher Level Vocational Training, with the entire record approved, will be examined from this Tuesday, June 15, and on Wednesday and Thursday of the Baccalaureate Assessment Test for University Access (PEvAU) -old Selectividad- of this course, an edition in which the same protocol of hygienic-sanitary measures that was followed last year will be applied due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

By provinces, Seville with 12,008 is the one with the most registered students (10,548 from the University of Seville and 1,460 from Pablo de Olavide). In Almería 3,363 students will be examined, in Cádiz 6,953, in Córdoba 4,559, in Granada 6,526, in Huelva 2,486, in Jaén 3,587 and in Malaga 8,325. In terms of gender, of the 47,807 students, 28,418 are women and 19,389 men.

To host these applicants, the Andalusian Interuniversity Coordinating Commission, in charge of organizing this event, has selected 181 venues throughout Andalusia to host more than a thousand educational centers summoned to the test.

This is the same number of spaces enabled last year , which then increased considerably (from 114 in 2019 to 181 in 2020 and 2021) to respond to the requirement of guaranteeing minimum safety distances of 1.5 meters between students and at recommendations to avoid travel as much as possible.

Of the 181 locations arranged, 108 are located in municipalities of the different provinces, as well as in several cities in Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla; and 73 are distributed throughout the Andalusian capitals.

Thus, the UAL has enabled 12 headquarters (three in the capital and nine in the province); the UCA, 19 (five in the capital and 14 in the province); the UCO, 34 (7 in the capital and 27 in the province); the UGR, 41 (19 in the capital, 11 in the province and another 11 in cities of Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla); the UHU, eight (six in the capital and two in the province); the UJA, 10 (five in the capital and five in the province); the UMA, 24 (10 in the capital and 14 in the province); the US, 28 (18 in the capital and ten in the province); and the UPO, five venues (all of them on its campus).

The tests, simultaneous throughout Andalusia, will be held this year in classrooms at a third of the capacity and with hygienic masks for students, teachers, exam guards and center staff, following the sanitary protocol approved last year for the development of this evaluation.

Among the specific instructions related to the facilities, the maximum possible distance between the students must be guaranteed. Likewise, in addition to adequate ventilation, this protocol also establishes the need for a reinforced specific cleaning and disinfection plan, complementing the one that may already exist in the center.

In addition, different rest areas will be established in the periods between the different tests , large enough to allow physical distancing, preferably in open spaces.

With regard to measures related to the development of the activity and applicants, students are required to wear hygienic masks at all times. Those who have an accredited health problem that discourages it or a recognized need for educational support that may interfere with its use will be exempt.

Exam content
Following the guidelines provided by the Ministries of Education and Universities, who are responsible for establishing the structure of the test at the national level, this year, as it happened last year due to the pandemic, the two alternatives that were coming disappear offering in previous editions.

The only proposal for this call will be composed of a greater number of questions in order to integrate the contents corresponding to all the blocks of each subject and students will be able to select which questions to answer.

The structure of the evaluations also does not change with respect to previous courses. It will consist of two phases. The Access Phase, which is compulsory to pass to university, is made up of three compulsory subjects: Spanish Language and Literature, a Foreign Language – German, French, English, Italian or Portuguese – and History of Spain.

To these are added a fourth discipline of modality to choose: Foundations of Art, Latin II, Mathematics II or Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences. The maximum mark that can be achieved in this phase is ten points and the score obtained, together with the average mark of the Baccalaureate record, make up the entrance mark.

On the other hand, in the Admission Phase, which is voluntary to raise the grade, the student body can examine up to four disciplines, although only the grade of two of them will be computed. Any of the 24 subjects that make up the PEvAU are eligible with the exception of Spanish Language and Literature and History of Spain.

You can also raise your grade by examining a second language other than that of the Access Phase or by using the score obtained in the modality course of said phase if you have five or more points. Each subject weights between 0.1 and 0.2 depending on the degree to which admission is requested. The maximum mark to be achieved in this phase is four points.

The evaluations will begin at 8:30 a.m. every day , although the student must already be present at his reference center at 8:00 a.m. for the appointment.

On the other hand, the subjects that are not common most demanded and of which a greater number of Andalusians will be examined are Mathematics II (19,355 students), Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences II (19,233), Chemistry (14,499), Biology (13,341) , Business Economics (11,462), History of Philosophy (9,660), Physics (6,519), Technical Drawing II (4,868), Geography (4,584) and Latin II (4,436).

Given the approach of the PEvAU, some students have chosen to examine subjects that coincide in the schedule initially foreseen by the Interuniversity Coordinating Commission of Andalusia, for which an alternative calendar has been established to resolve the 474 incompatibility situations registered throughout the community , of which in three cases it is double.

Admission calendar
The results of the PEvAU test will be published at 8:00 am on June 24 on the web portals of each of the universities. That same day, starting at 12 noon, the period for submitting applications for access to degrees at Andalusian public universities will open, which will end on July 2 at 11:59 p.m.

To participate in the admission procedure, the Commission of the Unique University District of Andalusia warns all students that it is necessary to formulate the pre-enrollment application between June 24 and July 2, even if it is suspended, in anticipation that after the appropriate reviews succeed in passing the test.

As it is a so-called competitive competition procedure, in which applications outside the established deadline cannot be included, the computer program for which the application is submitted allows a score of less than 5 points to be entered, which will be automatically updated when the university awards a new grade, and if this is equal to or greater than five points, said request will be addressed in the procedure with all rights.

The publication of the first allocation of places will take place on July 8 . On this date, the registration, confirmation or reserv

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